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The Physical Therapist's One-Stop Shop for
Primary Care & Imaging Education

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PT Residencies
& Fellowships

Partnering with programs across the country to incorporate primary care & musculoskeletal imaging fundamentals into  curricula.

Physical Therapists

Establishing competence in primary care & imaging with 

 education in evaluation & management of the complete patient.

Providing health systems with the necessary tools to successfully integrate PTs into team-based care setting to optimize point-of-entry care for patients with functional needs.

Hospital Systems &
Outpatient Clinics

Examining X-ray

Elevating Healthcare

At Redefine Health Education, we believe that every individual should have the opportunity to address their health concerns and achieve their goals by working with a specialized care team at the primary care level

Physical therapists triage, differentially diagnose, and establish care for the complete patient alongside other primary care providers.

Clinical Competencies for the Primary Care Therapist

Continuing education for rehab professionals who want to take their skillset to the next level by learning how to care for the complete patient. Refine your systems review by optimizing your skills in heart & lung auscultation, abdominal examination, labs & imaging, and understanding our role in managing diseases that affect population health.

Doctor Examining Patient
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Integrate PTs into team-based primary care
settings in your health system.

We provide guidance and implementation strategies for healthcare administrators to successfully integrate physical therapists into team-based care settings.

Musculoskeletal Imaging

Optimize the management of every patient with

comprehensive curriculum for clinicians who order, recommend, or refer for musculoskeletal imaging.   Learn about inherent statistical properties of various modalities and how it impacts imaging interpretations and clinical management.

Work with Experts

RHE instructors have extensive experience in team-based care settings with expanded privileges in military & civilian settings. Work with and learn from highly skilled practitioners.

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