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Our Mission

Enhance post-professional competency in primary care & imaging in physical therapists globally.

Provide services which pave a path for successful integration of physical therapists into team-based care settings. 

Our Why

Traditional U.S. healthcare has largely settled into "gatekeeper" primary care, where a primary care physician, PA or NP serves as the first-contact provider for all health concerns, and then refers to external specialists on an as-needed basis. This model has created healthcare "silos", where each clinical specialist works exclusively within their specialty, with very little interdisciplinary communication & collaboration.


At Redefine Health Education, we believe that every individual should have the opportunity to address their health concerns and achieve their goals by working with a specialized care team at the primary care level.

Patient and Nurse
Examining X-ray

What We Provide

RHE offers programs which enhance physical therapist competency in evaluation & management of the complete patient.


To ensure healthcare administrators have all the necessary tools to successfully integrate PTs into team-based care settings.

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